About Me

Dr. Holly Majszak


Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Holly Majszak, Ph.D. is a Licensed Psychologist with expertise in the assessment and treatment of behavioral concerns in toddlers, children, and adolescents with developmental disabilities. These behavioral problems can create significant stress on children and parents as well as become substantial barriers to home life and participation in social and community activities. Holly therefore takes a compassionate and down-to-earth approach in providing evidence-based parent training and individual psychotherapy. 

Prior to starting the AND Clinic, Holly was a clinical psychologist at Center for Assessment and Treatment. Before that, she had a similar role at the Kennedy Krieger Institute in the pediatric developmental disabilities (PDD) clinic. In that capacity, she provided consultation and intervention on a range of behavior concerns including tantrums, non-compliance, depression, anxiety, phobias/fears, inattention, impulsivity, executive functioning difficulties, toileting and sleep problems.  In addition, she also taught communication, coping, social and self-advocacy skills.  

Holly emphasizes a behavioral approach to assessment and treatment, with an attempt to address the multiple factors that may affect behavior. This process involves developing individualized strategies with each family, having caregivers and children practice in-between sessions, and modifying strategies as needed so that parents and children can effectively increase appropriate behaviors.

To that end, Holly takes a collaborative, flexible and personalized approach with families, with a strong emphasis on parent-training and child skill development. In addition, she is well-versed in supporting families by collaborating with other service providers (e.g., speech and language pathologists, psychiatrists, pediatricians etc.,) to ensure coordinated care.

Holly earned both her Master and Doctoral degree in School Psychology at University of Utah. While in graduate school, she also worked in public and private school settings. She completed her training including her doctoral internship and two years of postdoctoral fellowship at the Kennedy Krieger Institute/Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in the PDD clinic and the Neurobehavioral Outpatient Program.